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K e r s t e n ☮ 카수텐 ☮ カーステン

007; a fun box of sexy people

Woo! A mixed batch! Have at it. :B I'll try to icon more guys, I seem to like iconning women... o__O;;

Son Dambi - [7]
TVXQ - Yunho - [5]
TVXQ - Jaejoong - [4]
TVXQ - Changmin - [3]
TVXQ - Junsu - [2]
TVXQ - Yoochun - [1]
alan - [3]
Hamasaki Ayumi - [15]
Fukada Kyoko - [75]

Son Dambi

Jung Yunho (TVXQ)

Kim Jaejoong (TVXQ)

MinChunSu (TVXQ)


Hamasaki Ayumi

Fukada Kyoko

♥ Textless icons aren't bases!
♥ Please credit parched_earth or biographe!
♥ Leave some constructive criticism if you have any :x
Tags: !icons, alan, dbsk, fukada kyoko, hamasaki ayumi, jung yunho, kim jaejoong, kim junsu, park yoochun, shim changmin, son dambi
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the avs with the girl named Fukada Kyoko are awesome!!!great job^^8
Thank you!! ^^ I love this photobook ;__;

Deleted comment

I'm glad you like them!! ^^
Yoinked some XD Will credit. Love them all! Love the variety and this is one of my face photobooks of hers XD Maybe in some the saturations/levels are funky, but I think they're supposed to be that way XD
Aww thank you! I love this book too, omg. And yeah, I think so too, about the saturation |D I think next time I'll be less psycho with them haha.
Taking the "Kiss me" JJ icon--it's so cute! X3 Will credit of course~<3
changmin took
taking kyokorin's icons!