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[fanmix] jaeho

Basically, oemona and I have finally gone off the deep end and have joined forces to present you with this lovely Jaeho fanmix. u_u It was sort of inevitable, to be honest, I think.. T_T Anyway, on to the fanmix! 8D; There's a mix of Korean, Japanese, and English languages on here, and we actually totally avoided DBSK songs for it ^^ ~ And there's a mini iconpost after too.
( Sigh, I'm not really satisfied with them but I have like.. no HQ Jaeho pictures D8;; )

01} Andrew W.K. - "Thrill" || [¤]

the passion lies like a plastic rose [dangerous, like caressing a gun]
my life flies away on the blowing wind [but it's such a thrill..]
with the stars above, i will give myself to you [and my hungry, hungry heart]
it will never hesitate [it will never wait]
i can't wait; [i'm crazy for you

02} Onitsuka Chihiro - "Memai" || []

Because you trust me stronger, stronger than I could ever hope
Your arm, your voice, your back is right here, rain hits my parched earth
I can’t run away because you’ll chase after me wherever I go
I know it and it makes me want to cry, it makes me want to cry

03} Epik High - "Map The Soul" || [¤]

our meeting was [destiny]
even if you're a beautiful blade, [i will place you in my hands]
even if i must choose the darkness of hell, [i will gladly close my eyes]
and let go of the light, [for you]
i will protect you [til the end of the world]

04} Otsuka Ai - "Cherish" || []

If we can think deeply
That someday time will end here,
I thought that will always love you
And I'll be holding out my hand to you
Love is such a scary thing
That's why we run away as we search for it

05} Plastic Tree - "Irogoto" || []

when we’re a sweet fruit, we just melt
mingling, mingling, i can’t see anything anymore
a flower falls, just as if it were crying
trembling, trembling, i can’t go anywhere
without touching anyone, if this dream could continue
smile, smile, just like this, [without waking up]

06} Shimatani Hitomi - "Destiny" || [¤]

rather than thousands of [words of love]
i’d rather just [have you here]
nobody can take [your place]
your smile lights [my way to tomorrow]
to the sun [in the sky]

07} Jewel - "Near You Always" || []

And when you look in my eyes
Please know my heart is in your hands
It's nothing that I understand, but when in your arms
You have complete power over me
So be gentle if you please, 'cause
Your hands are in my hair, but my heart is in your teeth

08} Flow - "Re:member" || []

lay your feelings bare
along with the huge love you feel
the tears you cry will change your destiny
let your heartbeat [echo through the dark]
we’re sure to meet
at the flag of that same pain

09} Park Hyoshin - "Nunye Ggot" || []

even on days when you laugh, and sad nights that are damp with tears
i’ll be by your side always, whenever that may be
as i watch the first snowflowers of this year
in this moment that we share together, i want to give you my all
do you know of [my heart]?

10} Rurutia - "Hoshii no Tamashii" || []

A flickering phosphorus fire seems to have covered the whole sky
In the sea of stars, you quietly hold out your hands
Your eyes watering from the light
Ah, I’ll earnestly pile every one of the truths you bring me

11} Daniel Bedingfield - "If You're Not The One" || []

i'll never know what the future brings
but i know you're here with me now
we’ll make it through
and i hope you are the one i [share my life with]



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♥ Please credit parched_earth or biographe!
♥ All formatting of the lyrics was done by oemona so applaud her win 8D
♥ Leave some constructive criticism if you have any :x
♥ If you liked the fanmix, tell us! 8DD Maybe we'll do more.. Maybe a het one someday haw haw
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